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The Frances McSwain Pruitt and J. Crayton Arts Education Center

Home of the Jim Aresty School for Young Artists and the Sylvia Rusche Studio


We are a brand new arts education center at the Warehouse Arts District Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization located on the Deuces Corridor of St. Petersburg, FL.

Our mission is to be a community space and connector for the arts and lifelong learning, providing opportunities for creative skill-building with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation. We believe:

  • We are all students ready to discover and teachers ready to share our gifts and passions.
  • Imagination, creativity, and process are as, if not more, important as product.
  • In making arts accessible and fun for everyone.
  • In valuing art, artists, and educators for their cultural and economic contributions.
  • In creating innovative, unique, diverse, inclusive, and inspiring experiences.

We collaborate with local, working artists who are eager to share their passion and knowledge in a place "Where Art Is Made," and together we cultivate an innovative, experimental environment that pushes students of all skill levels to express their creativity in an experiential atmosphere. 

Donate to the WADA Scholarship Fund!

A very generous anonymous donor has pledged to match up to $50,000 for all donations make to the WADA Scholarship Fund for donations received by Midnight, May 31, 2022.  Please be as generous as you can.  Thank you. 


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    The ArtsXchange Campus on the Deuces Corridor
    515 22nd St S, St. Petersburg, FL, 33712


    Danielle Garcia, 
    Director of Arts Education


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