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Arts On Tap

Silent Auction

A silent auction consisting of 12 gorgeous art pieces will take place during Arts on Tap on Friday, September 25.  From 7:30-10pm you will have the chance to bid on the items below  Some opening bids start as low as $75 and go as high as $2000 in value!  Feel free to click on the image to learn more about each artists.

Also purchase your tickets here!

 Vanessa Segraves

Watercolor Collage


Charlie Parker Pottery

Gas-fired stoneware, fully functional as well decorative. It is wired on the bottom so it can be hung on a wall.


Tara Radosevich

One custom portrait of your beloved pet,
created with graphic pencils.

8 x 10

Janos Enyedi (1947-2011)

Moving Heaven and Earth, 2005.
3-D wall relief: digital print, stone, acrylic on archival board - H. 15” x W. 17.5” x D. 3

(NOTE: This work is titled, signed and numbered on the back of the artwork. It was numbered edition 1/10. No others were printed and signed, so this is a one of a kind artwork. An estate stamped label, also on the back of the artwork verifies this fact.)

Patton Hunter

Cottage on Egmont Key

Large Watercolor - Framed 30 x 38

Deborah Black

Set of 4 Temari Balls

Temari is an ancient thread art that had its origins in China around 1,000 years ago. The art form migrated to Japan more than 500 years ago. They started out as toys for children, (similar to today's hacky sacs) made out of old kimonos. Eventually, Japanese noble women adopted the craft and it evolved into an art form with contests to decide whose ball was the most intricate, lavish, and colorful. Today's Temari are given as gifts to symbolize friendship, good luck and loyalty.

Wendy Durand

Floating Platter in Clay

12.5" x 12.5" x 4"

Brenda Knoll Budd

Italian Greyhound

Original photography imprinted on the ceramic tiles then set it on more tiles.  Ready ready to hang. 18"18"

Nathan Beard

Crescent Lake Moon

Acrylic on panel

24" x 24"

Katee Tully

Judy Dazzio

Marci MacDonald

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