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March 2021


The Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA) held a ceremonial groundbreaking at the Warehouse Arts District Association’s ArtsXchange Campus on Wednesday, March 10. The new Arts Education Center will be named the Frances McSwain Pruitt and J. Crayton Pruitt Arts Education Center which will host the Aresty School for Young Artists.

Speakers included WADA President Mark Aeling; St Petersburg Mayor, Rick Kriseman; St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership Vice Chair, Barclay Harless and Natalie Judge of the J. Crayton Pruitt Foundation.

The Warehouse Arts District Association is in the process of building out the new Frances McSwain Pruitt and J. Crayton Pruitt Arts Education Center, where many of the new educational programs will be held. The construction is expected to be completed by early Fall 2021. With the location of the new WADA Arts Education Center in midtown St. Petersburg, the neighborhood children stand to benefit from unique programs

The event was covered on a FaceBook live event: WADA Groundbreaking Facebook Live Event.

Joining in the event was St. Petersburg Mayor, Rick Kriseman who said, “Our thriving art scene drives our local thriving economy, and we have the artists themselves to thank for this. This is one of the most exciting places in St. Pete and I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

WADA Board President Mark Aeling, shared, “This has been long coming and we appreciate all who have helped us get here. We couldn’t do it without our donors and supporters. We are very excited about bringing this amazing resource to our community. Look for our official opening in Fall 2021. You don’t want to miss it.”

ArtsXchange Grand Opening Celebration

October 2017

After significant vision, volunteerism, fundraising, and construction in 2016 and 2017, the Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA) inaugurated the ArtsXchange on October 27, 2017, providing 28 affordable studios to artists as well as 2,500 square feet of community, education and exhibition space.

We started with a donor appreciation and preview from attended by over 100 people then followed that with a public event, attended by an estimated 500-600 people.  A ribbon cutting with Mayor Rick Kriseman, Congressman Charlie Crist, the St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership’s Kevin Gordon and Joni James, Commissioner Kenneth Welch and Councilman Karl Nurse, and other prominent WADA donors also took place.

An exhibition of works by ArtsXchange resident artists and studios tours.

Video courtesy of Oktane Media Ventures

October 2017

"The ArtsXchange St Pete is a wonderful thing because it's designed by artists for artists ... we also appreciate the fact that we're newcomers ... happy to have all the donors, all the volunteers, all the staff and all the people who worked really, really hard to make this happen."

Ted VanCleave, ArtsXchange Artist, speaking about how the Warehouse Arts District turned 'a sky's the limit vision' into a down-to-earth reality, right here in the heart of St. Pete.

The ArtsXchange project brings together 28 sustainable, affordable art studios -- located on more than 2,500 square feet of gallery, education and event space.

Video and interview courtesy of Oktane Media Ventures

September 2016

Cuban artist's mural helps lobby for consulate

St. Petersburg is continuing its push to be the first U.S. city with a Cuban consulate.City leaders are showcasing the art work of a famous Cuban artist in an effort to warm up to the nation’s government.

Michel Mirabal is known internationally; his work being featured by U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry

Mirabal usually uses flags as a centerpiece for his work. He is working on a mural in St. Pete’s warehouse art district, which will be completed Friday, and features a coming together of the American and Cuban flags.  (continue reading)

June 2016

On the second Saturday of each month, over 40 art galleries, collections and museums open their doors to the public. Walk, ride the trolley and peruse the unique arts scene that can only be found in St. Petersburg, FL! Video created by Visit St. Pete Clearwater.

September 2015

St. Petersburg Artist and Warehouse Arts District member, Carrie Jadus discusses the meaning behind her mural on the side of the Genius Central Building (located at 2232 5th Avenue S., St. Pete, FL 33712) and why she chose Nikola Tesla as the Genius.

Carrie and her team of all female artists painted the mural on the Genius Central building in the Warehouse Arts District to kick off the Shine Mural Festival, SPF15, and to showcase at the Art Inspired event on Sept 18, 2015 during the 5th Annual St. Pete Art & Fashion week.

October 2015

Our non-profit association has purchased 50,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space in order to renovate them into art studios of all disciplines as well as community educational spaces. We have a waiting list of more than 150 artists, from Florida and beyond, ready to move in but right now the usable space is empty.

Become part of our team to renovate these studios. You can make art happen! Your support will have life-changing impact on artists and the arts community as a whole for years to come.

November 2014

Typically, artists get priced out of their workplaces again and again after they have redeveloped a rundown, inexpensive area.  In St. Petersburg, FL we have an opportunity to solve that problem by providing sustainable, affordable studios within a complex for 50+ artists working and selling their art.  The nonprofit Warehouse Arts District Association can acquire 50,000 sq. ft. of easily renovated warehouse space. To acquire it, we must raise funds for the down-payment by mid-December, 2014.  That's where you come in. Become a part of this life-changing opportunity for artists, and help create a model for cities across the country! 
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