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The Warehouse Arts District Association is excited to announce 

our newest member benefit!

This exciting new member benefit allows members to sell artwork on an online platform operated by WADA. We are using Shopify to provide this benefit.


Active WADA Members can submit up to 5 pieces of artwork for the WADA Online Art Store. (More pieces may be added once the Store is established.) The pieces can be any size, medium, and price. 

The online store give artists a chance to have their artwork for sale from the comfort of your own studio. Upon selling artwork, WADA will notify the artist who will then arrange a shipping or pick up option with the buyer. 

To keep the online store fresh, we will update its offerings every four months. This gives artists the opportunity to keep their offerings fresh and updated! 

WADA takes a 25% commission on all sales pre-tax.

WADA Members can full out the application here so submit up to five pieces of work for the art store! 

If you are not a member of WADA, you can join now

We currently have pieces available to showcase the functionality of the storehttps://wada-online-art-store.myshopify.com/

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