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Artist Statement Writing Workshop

  • 03 Oct 2017
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Dazzio Art Society - 535 22nd Street South, St. Pete, FL 33712


  • A donation of $25 can be applied toward membership fees for those who would like to join. Click on the Join Me tab in order to become a member otherwise proceed below.
  • Free

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Artist Statement Writing Workshop presented by the Warehouse Arts District Professional Development Facilitated by Julie Angerosa

  • What inspires you as an artist?
  • Why do you work in the medium that you do?
  • What is your artistic process like?
  • What do you want to tell the people that view your work?
Questions like these are the framework to a building an artist statement. When a connection is made to a piece of artwork it is more likely to purchased.  An artist statement is the opportunity to share with your audience and encourage them to look more deeply into your work and to learn about you as an artist.

We will discuss examples of artist statements, identify what makes them engaging and why. In this workshop, your time will dedicated to crafting and updating your message. 

The workshop will include time to draft a current artist statement, review statements with a partner to obtain feedback, and opportunity for follow up group support. The artist statement is a difficult and crucial piece of putting yourself out there as an artist, and changes over time as the artist evolves and grows. This workshop is for artists that haven’t written a statement or have written many.


Bring a laptop or sketchbook to write your statement. [Suggestion- writing on the computer allows for easy editing and sentence reordering] Over the next few weeks, jot down notes about your work, your inspiration, and your life as an artist as they come to you.

This seminar is free for current members of the Warehouse Arts District Association.  A donation of $25 is suggested for non-members and will be applied toward membership fees for those who would like to join. 

Become a member here before registering in order attend for free.

Facilitated by Julie Angerosa, Artist at REJuled, Eco-Chic Jewelry Designs and WADA Education Committee Co-Chair, holds a Masters in Art Education for Syracuse University and a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology studying Creativity and Innovation from Sofia University.

Jewelry is Art that is worn proudly for all the world to see. At REJuled, I create inspired pieces that allow for individuals to express themselves in style. My Eco-Chic Designs upcycle items not originally intended for jewelry; copper pipe, fishing lures, bullet casings, and kitchen utensils with the intention of bringing surprise and environmental awareness through reuse. Items I’ve chosen to work with have deep personal meaning, an energetic relationship I wish to transform. A shift in perspective happens when objects are reconsidered. Possibilities are limitless when minds open to new thoughts. In repurposed work, trash becomes treasure and challenges become opportunities. As a designer, creating jewelry allows me to work on many co-current projects keeping my spark of inspiration lit. I seek out innovative materials to combine them with gorgeous natural stones creating pieces with sustainable style. I am inspired using unconventional materials and transforming them into something new and beautiful. Suddenly a design fits together, answerless puzzles solved, ah-ha, that’s it. A combination that didn’t exist before now does and it’s like the pieces always belonged together. I love it when the perfect design finds the perfect person. It brings me joy to see people wearing my work and to know that I’ve created something meaningful that someone feels amazing wearing.   ~Julie Angerosa 8/2/2017

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