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Sign Up List for WADA Community Outreach in Late November

  • 31 Oct 2023
  • 515 22nd St S, St Petersburg FL 33712

Registration is closed

An Invitation from our Executive Director and Board President

Would you like to be part of a community outreach project between the Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA) and one of our neighbors on the Deuces Corridor, Mt Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist Church?

Mt Zion is looking to curate a festive holiday village, and we have a unique opportunity to utilize our creative talents to help bring this year's Holiday Village to life. As artists creating within our District, your creative prowess can be pivotal in shaping and executing an enchanting vision for this celebratory event. This one-day volunteer endeavor is set to take place in either late November or early December.

While the project specifics are in the process of being refined, we're eager to initiate the formation of a dedicated team of WADA artists/volunteers. If you, along with your fellow artists, are enthusiastic about joining forces with us and Mt Zion for this artistic venture, kindly express your interest by registering by October 15.

Thank you for your continued dedication and creativity. We look forward to embarking on this mutually enriching collaboration.

Markus Gottschlich and Mark Aeling

The activity will take place in late November or early December. You can sign-up between now and October 15. People who sign up will be contacted later on with more information about the day and time of the outreach project.

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